Club Constitution

Dumbarton Amateur Athletic Club

(Founded 1919)


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The club constitution is a formal structure for the governance of the club and also to protect the club ethos;

That we welcome members of all abilities and from all backgrounds, and that we will ensure that members can train in a supportive and harassment-free environment.

1. Club Name

    1. The Club shall be called “Dumbarton Amateur Athletic Club”
    1. Club Colours.
    1. The club colours shall be ; black vest with a red chest band and the club name

“DUMBARTON “ on the front in black lettering

2. Membership

    1. The club shall consist of amateur athletes of both sexes
    2. Application for membership shall be made in writing ( using our standard form) along with the club fee, to the membership secretary and approved by rthe committee. This will be returned if membership is refused.
    3. The subscription fee must be paid for the current season before a member can compete for the club.
    4. To resign, a member must inform the club secretary in writing.
    5. The club and all its members shall agree to abide by the Scottish athletics codes of conduct for coaches and athletes
    6. Any member guilty of misconduct (ie. Behaviour contrary to this constitution or the standard set by the Scottish Athletics Codes of Conduct ) mat be cautioned once or expelled from the club by majority decision of the Committee. Any person expelled will have the right of appeal to the committee within fourteen days. The committee members are subject to the same disciplinary measures as ordinary members.

3. Discrimination and Harassment..

3.1 Dumbarton Amateur Athletic Club has adopted UK Athletics Welfare Policy

And Procedures as part of the club rules. Copies of these policies and procedures can be found at In line with these policy sans procedures, there must be no unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender, martial status, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability. Age or religious belief.

3.2 Members have the right to train in an environment free from humiliation, or behaviour that creates feelings of unease or distress such as sexist, racist or sectarian language, homophobic comments, unwelcome remarks or touching, physical violence or the threat of physical violence .

3.3 The club will not permit or condone any form of harassment or bullying, whether at the club , races, via the internet or at any other times . Any member who commits a serious violation of this policy will be asked to resign from the club, although we accept that sometimes harassment can happen unintentionally and this will be dealt with appropriately.

3.4 Every member has the right to complain about breaches of the above policy . complaints will be dealt with seriously . confidentially and quickly. In the first instance , complaints should be directed to Secretary.

3.5 Definition; Discrimination comprises a wide range of unacceptable physical, verbal or non verbal or homophobic behaviour that affects other peoples dignity.. Behaviour is unacceptable if it is unwanted, unreasonable and causes offence to the recipient or if it creates an intimidating , hostile or humiliating environment whether orally or via the club forum / internet.

4. Annual Subscription

4.1 The annual subscription fees will be set annually by the members at the AGM, in October and shall be due within one month of the AGM.

Members joining after the 1st August should pay the full fee and this will cover the following years fees.

5. Management

5.1 The Committee responsible for management of the Club shall consist of;


Vice President

Secretary/ Treasurer

Membership secretary

Social convener

Club Captain

Vice Captain

Web administrators


5.2 No person can be elected to the committee until they have been a member of the club for at least one year.

5.3 Each committee post will be put forward for election each year. Nominations

Will be sent out with the pre AGM agenda and these have to be returned 14 days before the AGM with a proposer and a seconder

If there are new nominations proposed, there will be a vote taken from those present at the AGM

If there are no nominations put forward then the status quo remains

Office bearers must be present on the night of the AGM

5.4 Any decisions agreed at the AGM or EGM shall come into operation with immediate effect , unless explicitly stated, when agreed at these meeting.

5.5 The Committee shall hold a monthly meeting and meet a minimum of 11 times per year.

5.6 All decisions will be a by a majority vote; the President will have the casting vote in the event of a tie.

5.7 A quorum for a committee meeting shall be 50% plus one

5.8 The Committee shall make no decision contrary to the AGM. No single Committee member can overturn a Committee decision .

5.9 Committee meetings and decisions shall be as transparent and open to Club members as possible. Minutes shall be taken at each meeting and shall present an accurate reflection of both the discussion and the decisions taken at the meeting. Minutes shall then be posted if necessary to all club members.

If club members have any queries regarding the contents of these minutes , a Committee member should seek to answer these questions or bring them to the attention of the next Committee meeting.

5.9 There are only two instances in which discussions of the Committee shall be confidential . Firstly, if an individual member of the club of the club is accused of Harassment, under the clubs Harassment policy and an investigation is ongoing. In fairness to any individual accused, details of the discussions shall only be published in minutes when investigations have been completed, and the accusation is deemed to be proven. The explicit agreement of the individual who has made the accusation of harassment will also be obtained before publication of the minutes.

Secondly, if discussions centre around legal proceedings against a club member, and we are advised that circulating details of these discussions would not be in the best interest of the club. In this case , the discussions shall again remain confidential until legal proceedings have been completed.

5.10 A Committee member who wishes to resign, must inform the club secretary in writing.

5.11 Where a Committee member resigns during the year, the Committee may choose to replace them. Where this is deemed necessary, the committee will agree by consensus a suitable replacement, and approach them to take on the role on a temporary basis. This post would then be subject to re-election at the AGM

5.12 The secretary is authorised to call a meeting at any time.

6. Annual General Meeting

6.1 The AGM will be held approximately the first or second Tuesday in October of each year, and the following business taken.

6.2 The Presidents/ Chairman report on the club.

The Treasurers report on the financial state of the club.

Election of office bearers

Any other business, Athletic or otherwise

6.3 Motions ( any changes to the Constitution) must be put in writing two weeks prior to the AGM . Only fully paid up members will be eligible to vote.

7. Review.

7.1 The club constitution will be reviewed every three years by a member nominated by the committee, and any proposed amendments will be voted on by the club members at the next AGM or at an EGM.

8. Dissolution.

8.1 The Committee, by a two thirds majority, may decide to dissolve the club.

They must then call an extraordinary meeting, giving four weeks notice to all members. If the motion is passed by a two thirds majority, the club is then dissolved .

Upon dissolution any funds remaining after all debts have been met will be donated to a local charity. The decision taken by a majority of the club members.

9. Liability

9.1 Dumbarton A.A.C. liability for any losses arising out of any negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Dumbarton AAC, shall be limited to Dumbarton AAC subscriptions for the current financial year.